Fast Hemorrhoid Relief From Home – Part 2

hemorrhoid remediesAnother hemorrhoid relief people seem to forget and unnoticed. Like in Part – 1, here some other hemorrhoid relief that work fast and effective to soothe pain that can be get from your own home.

Garlic gives natural cure to relief itching feeling and inflammation related to hemorrhoids. Beside can be eaten as herb or just food flavor, garlic also can be applied directly to the infected or inflamed skins. Peal one garlic clove and completely strip the garlic skin of. Use garlic clove as suppository insert it into your rectum about 2 inches from anus and leave it there for overnight. Do this 3 times in one week to relief the hemorrhoid. The garlic glove will come out from anus along with the stools. For external hemorrhoids, cut into small pieces 3 – 4 of garlic, put them in 250cc of water and boil it. After you sieve it, let them cool completely. Dip a gauze pads into the solution and apply it to your anus to soothe external hemorrhoids. Dip again the gauze pads once it dry and repeat it until you feel better.

Chinese Medicine
One product called Bu zhon yi qi wan works very well for chronic Hemorrhoid problem. Bu zhon yi qi wan has main efficacy to recharge your ‘life energy’, lack of physical strength, elevating your mood, and for internal organ prolapsed like in the thrombosed hemorrhoids. Take 8 – 10 pills 2 to 3 times each day for 30 days.

Start eating and drinking right
This strategy maybe relief the hemorrhoids indirectly, however you can avoid them come back again. Let’s say, you eat 3 or more banana and drink 3 liters of water a day, no drinking alcohol or even eat any breads. Every after bowel movement do hot bath. If you do these changing habits for 3 weeks you may see some good results. And don’t forget take time to do some easy exercises like walking or if you know Tai Chi it would be much better.

Anyway, home natural remedies may be applied to get pain relieved, but they should not be considered as a replacement for medical treatment.

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